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This is our first year as a residence hall at Notre Dame, which means that YOU are a part of our First Class. There are many uncertainties at this point concerning our inevitable fame and glory: What will our mascot be? How many interhall sports championships will we win? Will the new Smash Burger at LaFun be any good? Rest easy; these answers will come sooner than you think.

We do know a few things. Dunne is run by a staff of the finest quality, and obviously home to the greatest men that Our Lady's University will ever lay her eyes on. Dunne is a place of cameraderie, community, and excellence, exemplified by the efforts and actions of its residents in their lives on and off campus.

Some would look at our lack of history and traditions as a disadvantage; those people probably go to Michigan. Here at Dunne, we see it as limitless potential, which will undoubtedly be realized through rich culture and legacy. So ask can you bring that potential to action? Here are some of things Dunne needs:

Dorm Colors - Most color combinations have already been used around campus, so be creative!

Mascot - Many dorms use alliteration, but don't be scared to try something else!

Signature Events - Each dorm has a couple annual events (usually creative charity fundraisers) to increase the dorm's visibility and community as well as to contribute to the fun atmosphere on campus. We'd love to hear your ideas!

You are all pioneers of not just your own destinies at Notre Dame, but Dunne's as well. Our legacy rests on your shoulders - get ready to make history.